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Looking is all you need.

'Looking' at yourself is more real than anything you see, hear, touch, think or anything else as anything perceived is going to be bogus on some level. Noticing what you really are by 'looking' at yourself is as real as it gets. Do the looking and let everything unravel, rewire and surprise you. Chill out and let it happen and don't despair when life doesn't fit into your conditioned concept of nirvana. Concepts are bogus. Looking is a glimpse of truth.

The above is a departure from my thinking during my first 6 months of recovery. I thought I had to work hard at this. Bogus, I tell you. Of course, many of you advised me of this before and I disagreed, pointing to differences in personality and other mumbo jumbo. Fooey. Just look. That is all.

So, having said that what if you met someone and told them that looking was cool and you guided them through the exercise without any build up of how we all detest life and all that? No mention of recovery, nothing, just looking.

Would that person experience some form of transformation? I think so. Do some of us load up with expectations when we encounter the looking and all the associated talk about it? Perhaps. Does it matter? Probably not.

Be clear about one thing. To even be in the stream of "look at me" as pointed put by John and Carla Sherman may be clear evidence of you having already looked. Once something isn't, even to have the continued discussion about it doesn't recreate it. We have all wondered if the moment of freedom after having just once looked at me would last throwing up all sorts of bits and lingering pieces of patchwork thoughts of supposed concern. This luxury in the garden of worry winds down. Anyone writing or reading here is already engaged in a life as John and Carla are--simply free from fear. Every posting here is spoken from freedom from fear. And if you do not see, you may take one more look a me. There cannot be 2 you (s). One fearful and the other free of fear. As John says there is only you--reading this. John's forums allow you to light up your expressions.


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