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Maybe some stupid questions

Hi , i'm Andrea from Italy. I'm reading\listening all John's material about looking and i would appreciate help on -maybe obvious- things i did'nt understand.

The first thing that seems i'm missing is whether or not i should dedicate time to the looking alone (like when you sit down and meditate and do just that) , or if the looking has to be done randomly over the day while doing other things.

Also if i've understood it right, in the beginning you can't be sure of doing it well, you can't doin it wrong, and it works every time even if we don't think so. Am i right?

Thanks for the help.


sorry for the bad english, i'm italian and never formally studied english language.

Hi Andrea, welcome to the forum and congratulations on coming by John's message and doing the inward looking.

I've been at this for a few years and I never worried about looking. John says that doing it just once is enough. So you've probably already done it already and it's over. There's no harm in continuing with looking, though, and if you feel like it, by all means dedicate a daily period of time for it. If looking comes into your mind randomly throughout the day, that's probably a sign that you've done it. My looking was such random, daily occurrences, and it felt good. Then it didn't come to mind any longer. It's a different process for each person, I think.

Apart from looking, you should look into what John says about attention directing, now that you've done the looking. You can't do wrong if you dedicate time each day for exercising your attention. It's probably the best thing you can do now.

This is my understanding of it from what I've gathered from John and my own experiences, anyway.

Thank you, what you wrote is really useful... i'm feeling really calm and peaceful now, and from many days now, so maybe it's working as you said.


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