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The results of the looking

Hi there John and Carla

I thought I'd write to you

And tell you how I'm coming on

Through the looking that I do

I have to say some things have changed

Things aren't the way they were

Life seems more easy, free from stress;

Though troubles still occur

And little fears still come and go

{Though never stay for long}

My life it is a melody

Each day a lovely song.

Each day it seems to have the power

To get me feeling high

All the fear that I once had

About me going to die

Is fading like a nightmare dream

As anger dissipates

Though pissed off feelings still abound

I do not hesitate

To see the other side of things

So none can let me down

And what was once a great big drama

It barely makes me frown.

My life is not important now

It's just a story line

Rights and wrongs no longer matter

It's really all quite fine

I look at me with each new day

And see what's going on

As on this vast adventure trip

I find past habits gone

Accepting me for who I am

I get lost within the story

Living like a natural man

In love with all life's glory.

Hi Pietro,

That's a nice poem. I used to write songs and long before I had heard of looking at myself I wrote a funny little chorus that said "If this is alone, I never felt more at home". I never quite understood where it came from because at that time I most often felt anything but at home in my life. It's funny to think as I find myself more and more often at home in my life, that even back then I somehow had a glimpse that I was already there.

You write about the results of looking beautifully.

"In love with all life's glory"




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