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Beginner's Questions

Hello Everyone! I just discovered John and Carla's work, love the website and am already practicing the self-directed attention method and read the booklet, "No More Fears, No More Anxiety." It all sounds good to me, as I am very familiar with the non-dual perspective, although I have never found the kind of peace described as a result of the many self-inquiry practices that I have attempted in the past. I was initially attracted to John's method, due to the natural simplicity of it, as exemplified by the "Just One Look" video featured on the home page, but as I delved further into the material I became a bit dismayed as the description of the "Self-Directed Attention" method became increasingly complex (essentially turning it into a traditional-style meditation practice with the incremental additions to the instructions - e.g. "...do this for 10 minutes at a day. Set an alarm clock...."), thereby negating the intuitive appeal I found in the simple "Just One Look" instructions. This response was further reinforced by the further discussion of the challenges of the "Recovery Period," with its movement into issues dealing with the unconscious, recommendations for journaling, all topped off with the webinars, YouTube discussions, and a community forum with thousands of posts, all for something that started out with the beautiful simple message of: "Just one look is all it takes...An extremely simple approach...unlike anything you have ever tried."

At this point in my life, I'm definitely not into complex incremental approaches, journaling, or deep psychological analysis. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. My journey has gotten me to the point where its clear that whatever is the key to inner peace and happiness is, it is a very simple, intuitive focus that does not require a lot of instruction and analysis. I suspect a lot of you are in the same place as me and possibly have had the same concerns. So my question to all of you is, is it enough to just practice the simple "Direct Look" method (as exemplified in the "Just One Look" video and on page 1-2 in "No More Fears, No More Anxiety") in order to find inner peace and freedom?

A second question (unrelated to the above) which I'd like to ask is, in Step Two of the "Just One Look Method" it says:

-"...move the focus of attention inward, looking for the faint sensation of what it feels like to be you. What you would call me. What you are looking for here is the simple me-ness of you. Not the thoughts or the emotions [that] rise and fall within you, or any ideas about your nature that you have heard or read about."

My question here is that, while I have followed these instructions several times, and yet I'm still not sure I know what is being referred to as "what you would call the me." I believe what it may be referring to is just the basic sense of impersonal, space-like cognizing awareness that is always present, yet I wouldn't call that "me," but rather "presence-awareness." Are we basically talking about the same thing, then? Or is it an entirely different phenomena that the instructions are referring to. Semantics can be tricky!

A big thanks in advance to all of you willing to address my questions and concerns here.

You can certainly just look. That's what I did. I have had profound changes in my life over the last six years as a result. It hasn't been easy, but the unfolding of the effect of the looking is always interesting and quite engaging. Once the fear and the habits of fear diminish my natural intelligence took over and has led me down fulfilling and interesting paths. I am familiar with non-dual teachings as well and this is quite different. This is not a withdrawal from life or a peaceful abiding, although there can be quite a bit of internal peace, but rather an engagement with life. While I do think there is inner peace and freedom in life post looking it wasn't what I had conceptualized.....I realized my version was magical thinking and this is the adult version of living fully and all in. So there are fits and starts, doubts and set backs, but the course for me is true and honest.

As as far as the direct looking.....it is quite simple, just a taste of you. Don't think abou it, just feel it. When you distill your attention down to where you can't go any further, there you are. Just feel it. I had a lot of doubts too, but I kept returning to the same place, couldn't go any deeper and began to trust it.

Welcome me to the forum. I'm sure others will have further elaboration.

Perhaps the quote " What you're looking for is what's doing the looking" would be helpful here.

When I looked, I noticed that my my attention started with me and was projected outwards. Always!! So what I did was mentally created a beam of attention and tried to follow it backwards! THAT'S when I knew "The feeling of me" had been done!

Now that said, I have to be honest and say that in 2012 the sense of a personal self was suddenly & unexpectedly ripped away!

What a shocker THAT was! The experience left me more confused than ever and I've spent almost every waking moment chasing that experience since then! It caused me to do some pretty strange things and become pretty annoying to a lot of people I'm sure! 🤣

But none of that spiritual Non Dual nonsense was helping! So I just gave up on everything.

And yet...Something still drives me to end the fearful relationship with my life. To go beyond the false identity handed to me by others "infected with the disease of the fear of life " as John says.

As further encouragement somewhere along my journey I kept thinking about What John and Carla teach here and everytime I would do as they suggest things got better. But I didn't stick it out because I guess I was determined to go the spiritual route.

Now I see that THAT is just a pretty wrapping for a MAZE of confusing teachings that CAN & oftentimes does work!

But this method removes all the jargon belief systems and confusion by giving a SIMPLE DIRECTIVE that is easy to understand and implement.

Lol not to be confused with this is easy to do!

Good to see you here in the forum. The looking is a one off session. What it is actually varied. For me it was a sensation that felt pleasent and identifyed as me. The 2nd excercise makes me aware of distractions and reveal how active my mind is as well as how to keep 'my mind on the ball "so to speak.


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