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My spiritual odyssey started when I was 16 years old

Hello John, Carla (and Dr. David Parish.)

My spiritual odyssey started when I was 16 years old. Then at 19 I started meditating in a wrong way and being connected to a guru and the cult around him. Shortly after I started to suffer from pure OCD. 33 years have passed in trying to heal myself through spiritual means. Buddhism, Advaita, Satsangs, teachers, endless books, sites on internet, yoga and you name it--probabely I know about it.

Seeing David on Batgap talking about John, I found the one look experiment. Now, a week later, I feel it is taking away my fear of life that the Obssesive Compulsive Disorder is the symptom of. You gave me the key to my own healing. The sense of myself is connected to feeling in my heart area. It is arising and passing away by itself. I allow my attention to go wherever it wants and allow the sense of myself to arise spontaneously within the focus of attention. The focus can be wide or narrow. In the natural state we can use our will to move it or allow it to move by itself.

I now understand what Ramana and Nisargadatta wanted us to do. Thanks to you. I don't feel I am all the time here. I just feel o.k. Some friends I taught the one look didn't seem to get it. Well, I do have at least 10 years of self-inquiry behind me and that's probably why I got it.

Hope to be hearing from you.

Shony [Israel]

(Email received on December 27, 2012)


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