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Is that all there is?

Hi all,

I've recently recognized, very profoundly, that most of my lifetime behaviors and activities were motivated by a sense of histrionics and melodrama. I was unable to sit peacefully and quietly withour injecting a sense of "high drama" into my life. Although I'm doing the looking to the exclusion of most analytical thinking, it strikes me that I was never satisfied with what IS and, since what IS, simply IS, regardless of my perception of it, I was frequently miserable. Can anybody identify with this or post a relevant comment?

Best to All,

Don Wolfe

I can identify with that, completely. About the best you can do is to try to grok who is never satisfied in place of analysis. I wrote down a lot that was happening -- not the stories but the insights--which kept things from getting too gummed up and of benefit in maintaining a focus to come back to the looking. The misery slowly but surely erodes. If you find your attention stuck on self-deprecation, find the tool that helps you to deal with that the best. Maybe any technique is temporary compared to the inquiry, but you can release some pressure by expressing (sharing with others or hamming it up), experiencing the feelings not by interpretation but by feeling in the body, or by opening your eyes a fraction wider. The "high drama" may not go out of your life, but you'll be happy you're here to experience it and not so caught up with improving the vessel that perceives it. Who knows, it may not be long before you start thinking in terms of high adventure, if you already aren't there. Trimpi

Quick hello

Quck Hello

Hi Don, I certainly can relate to what you are saying. I would be curious to know what you mean by high drama, though. I also want to say that I really enjoy and benefit from your comments and contributions on the podcasts. Your questions are ones that I can so relate to and your sense of humour is tremendous.

Keep well.

Paul Freedman

Hi Don,

I think as the healing moves us toward a more natural life, we can only wonder at the way we were. I know I do.



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