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Would you please convey to John

Hello Carla,

Would you please convey to John that I think he is the purest expression of Ramana that I have ever heard. I love ALL of what John says. I love his practicality, his simplicity, his humor, his humbleness, his 'no frills', his 'clear-clean' interpretation of Ramana's words... the Truth of Ramana. For me, I feel John and Ramana to be one and the same expression. And, I feel this is just where I want to be... just with John and Ramana... and, simply washing the dishes. This past year, I've had a sense of things 'dropping away'... especially 'spirituality'... thank God that burden has been laid down! Now, any trip will simply be "a trip"... especially, not a trip for 'spirituality'... "to get IT." Thank you John for being soooo very, very succinct in your expressions of Truth.

In deep appreciation to you both... for all that you are doing.

Warmest regards...


Mooji too, maybe

Mooji too, maybe

Hey D.,

I am certainly not Carla, haha, but I thought I would add something (or someone) to what you said while making another comment.

I also think that Mooji (at Mooji Answers) is also incredibly eloquent and mostly to the point at getting at what Ramana was really trying to say. I think the main difference is that, while John has extricated himself of all of the spiritual jargon and preconceptions that tie people down, Mooji is still very much in love with the whole spiritual realm and therefore still teaches and preaches within its confines and "colorful" expressions. Additionally, I more and more suspect that Mooji does not fully understand what it is that happened to him, as John suggests is the case with most liberated teachers of old. Because of this Mooji advocates some things that seem to be untrue and contradict what John says. A big example would be this: Mooji says that with effort and practice you can hold onto that state of inward looking in Satsang and somehow merge with it or something, and that it will save you if you just see it clearly enough or you hold on tight enough, and that you can hold onto that "holiness" of self-awareness when looking at yourself and be elevated by it and surrounded with its bliss and freedom, etc.

The reason I mention this discrepancy is because of something you said which is possibly slightly reminiscent of that philosophy. You say "this is just where I want to be... just with John and Ramana... and, simply washing the dishes". Maybe you don't mean this exactly, but it sounds like you're hoping for what I used to hope for, which is that somehow I can hold onto some sort of consciousness or clarity or satsang or something and be all right because of it. But it just hasn't worked for me, and probably because of what John says: because absolutely nothing needs to be added to my experience. No consciousness or awareness of being or anything of the kind. The only trouble whatsoever comes from the insane neurotic mental tendencies that creep up, and they are too powerful and long-standing for me to stop them by will alone. Just by doing the Looking will all that I hope to escape from automatically pass away on its own, and I will (hopefully!) be left in a life that has no need for spiritual insight or blissful peace etc. because there's nothing wrong with it and nothing more that needs to be gotten ...never has been. Only this fear of life or whatever needs to go.

Anyway, this went on quite long, sorry about that. It sounds like you understand what i'm saying already, but I thought I'd throw that in anyway just in case. And yeah, Ramana rocks my socks too, and i hope this Looking works out for you and all of us!!


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