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Last Laugh

I had a very vivid dream last night. I was sitting in the twilight on a pile of garbage bags. Ramana Maharshi appeared next to me wearing a mottled blue kimono. "Ramana," I asked with some urgency, "why can't I see it?".

"Do you think it appears before you like a ham sandwich?", he replied, and with much delight he gave a long, loud laugh, before vanishing.

I'm comforted to know that I can amuse enlightened masters, even if I don't get the joke.

Hi Brian,

I have been interested in dreams most of my life. I can really appreciate the fun and humor of your dream. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lera Jane

The joke is that it does appear like a ham sandwich. "It" appears as anything in front of you, which doesn't include stories, interpretations, beliefs, concepts, ideas, thoughts, memories, comparisons, judgments, associations, and the like. Those things aren't in front of you. Dream on! Trimpi


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