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Using the Just One Look Method

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I seem to be missing it.

I was introduced to the looking soon after it was introduced. I have not had any sense of change from the multiple times I've tried the looking. So, the fear is as strong as ever. The story I have is that I am doing it wrong. I guess I have some expectation of a shift of some kind, even a small one, from a life of fear, to something else.

Without that experience, the looking at the breath and counting, just seems just like another attempt at concentration.


So the fear is strong as ever! Yes, so it seems. But do not be disheartened. The shift has absolutely occurred. And, by the way, try counting backwards when you go to bed at night, from your age to zero, in the fashion suggested by John and Carla Sherman. And when you count in the fashion recommended by them--notice if you never get to zero as has been my experience. I am not saying that this proves you are free from fear. But you do get to sleep. Which is problematic for some.


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