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Still on track?

Hi , my name is Eric Martiny . I came in contact with John's message in Nov. 2010. For the first 8 or 10 month I did the looking very passionately and during those months I was constantly wondering if I was doing it right or not, was it "working", etc. Now, and since maybe September 2011, I am not really interested in looking at myself. I have a totaly new drive for politic and economy, which surprises me very much! Well, I live in Greece, and when you see how this country has very much been destroyed by the MFI and the rest... But don't let's start this topic!

So my question is, and it's not a burning question, more a recurrent murmur popping up from time to time, Am I still on track, and is this kind of dispassion for the practice frequent, or simply I did'nt do the looking long enough and nothing happened, and I am just passing a period of my life where nothing particularly bad is happening and this is why I am not feeling as depress and I bored as I used to?

Thank you very much, I am still attending the podcast, and keeping a special time of the day for looking at me, although I am forgetting all about it most of the time.

Best regards,



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