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Looking as a health tonic

Hi Everyone,

I'm finding, with surprise and delight, that the looking serves as a road to physical health, as well as sanity. Somehow, the looking has made me more in touch with my body, to help me listen to the needs of my body, and to seek and find the proper nutrients to bring my body back to full health. I'm not at full health yet, but I can see the progress along the way. I find that I am led to information that will help me get those beneficial nutrients that I have been deficient in (and that blood tests don't always show). Somehow the looking serves to make me more aware of my entire being and what would benefit me the most. The last few months, I have been concentrating on physical health, so that is where my energy has been focused. The looking has served me well in that capacity. Also, I am more aware of the earth as "mother," as she provides absolutely everything my apparatus needs to experience life. I feel that like any good mother, earth is on our side, and wants us to become sane and whole to the benefit of all life here.

Thanks so much for the looking and thanks to everyone here engaged in it!


It makes good sense that you are focusing on good health now that the need to escape the drama or your circumstances has been reduced. I think that's one of the primary reasons we get high, and what else but good stuff are we going to replace the bad stuff with as we leave our escape patterns behind. Also, the craving to feel good and maintain contented states of mind is diminished with the looking, so we don't forcefeed ourselves with anything like we used to. trimpi


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