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Using the Just One Look Method

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Beautiful and Welcome News

Dear John,

You were right! You were right! I was so sure that this level of low serotonin would single me out as a "special case", which is how I have identified myself most of my life. But in fact, you were right! This looking will override you-name-it. I remember listening to Travis over a year ago, saying that what he was experiencing was contentment in his life. And I remember seeing him as one of the chosen, one of the lucky ones, just as you have described our thinking over the years, how we have assumed that little old us weren't worthy enough to be liberated. But it seems to be an undeniable fact, that I can see clearly how the weight is being lifted bit by bit, increment by increment. And now I, too, am beginning to experience this contentedness.

I was talking to Felix the other day about the urge to proselytize. I can totally understand Jesus's followers who cried out Hosana! and the Lord has come! or something to that effect. How could one not want to share this extraordinary gift with everyone? And at the same time, there is a need for balance, a need to reflect on how best to communicate what it is that I want to share. I told Felix that if it took you 12 years to figure out what you wanted to say and how, it stands to reason that I would need some time as well. Maybe not 12 years, because you have paved so much of the way before us. God bless you! (Although "God bless you" sounds nonsensical to say, I don't know what else to say.)

I also understand that relapses are often an integral part of the process. It seems the more I immerse myself in this ongoing conversation, the more normal my process seems. I feel less and less isolated. And for the first time in my life I no longer feel like a hopeless case.

I asked a question on the forum about forgetfulness and got 3 very reasonable answers. What a resource this community is. You were right again!

I'm doubly glad to be able to write you this letter. I'm glad for myself, of course. And I'm also so glad I can give you some good feedback on your steadfast and unwavering efforts.

Much love to both you and dear Carla,


Well this is encouraging
Forum: Using the Just One Look Method

@Nancy - I think all of us are glad to hear your success for both selfless and selfish reasons. Haha.

As John says, please keep in touch because I'd want to hear how things continue for you.




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