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Looking and Floating

Hi Everyone:

I just had a very cool experience about an hour ago and thought I would share this with community. A co worker of mine recently installed a sensory deprivation float tank in his place and invited me over for a "float". I had tried this once about 3 years ago. That was before I had been involved with John's work. The experience was similar this time in that after about 35 minutes, there was only breath and the spaces between breaths seems very long. Like someone near death in which there are long pauses between each breath. The tank also seemed to very quickly reduce the shiney objects (sensations, sounds, and eventually thoughts) as John calls them. This seemed to provide attention a much easier opportunity to notice me (intend of those other things)...which was no big deal but I do wonder if floating might be of assistance to people who are just starting out with the looking. If this is of interest to anyone and you live in an urban centre, check to see if there are any floatation centers near you. Just a thought.

Best to all



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