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Problem with SDA

Hi everybody,

I have been looking at myself in 2014. Interestingly, I had and have little problems with SDA. I can do it quite easily. And I do it on a regular basis, like twice a day.. But there is this part in me who does not trust. Who refuses to do the SDA, who thinks the all the thought trains have value. Who cautions: Do not sell yourself completely to SDA, you might turn in an ambitionless drifter. You might miss your chance to achieve something great. Maybe John and Carla live in a bubble, they created a self-referential system, be careful. I understand John might answer: Do not feed these thoughts with attention. Just go on with SDA, just like lifting weights. And things will clear up much faster.

But somehow, I am too stubborn. In a way, I resist, and I deep down I am proud of it. I suppose I will prolong recovery this way.

Maybe I could gain more trust by listing all the improvements that happened over the years as Carla sensibly suggested once.

Can anyone relate to what I am writing?

Take care out there!

Lucky you that the practice comes easy to you and you have time to entertain doubts. Critical thinking is quite a good thing , a very useful tool. Glad to know your enjoying the benefits as well. I guess it's up to each person to resolve the doubts. As for me when I'm involved with my life I don't feel the need to practice this SDA.This focusing of attention for me needs to be fine tuned, and I do that with the practice. Some days are better than others. I tend to apply it more and in day to day situations. That is a bit more challenging! My experience from what it's worth is that y mind can direct it's attention on more than one thing like when playing contrapuntal music like bach or montunos.


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