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A surprise reaction to a dangerous situation!

I'm just writing to share an experience I had last week. ( About Jan 17th 2019)

For those who don't know me, I've been a truck driver for over 20 years. Last week I was on a narrow two-lane highway when all of the sudden this white Lincoln continental decides to pass a dually pick up truck hauling a loaded trailer less than a thousand yards in front of me! My reaction normally would have been to scream in fright at the thought of the impending head-on collision about to happen!

But that's not what happened! To my surprise, my reaction was a simple "oh this ain't good". As soon as I realized that my reaction was COMPLETE calmness, (after I hit the breaks and almost coming to a complete stop to AT LEAST minimize the impact) I was rather shocked that I didn't freak out and also very surprised by it. And really proud of myself for the progress I've made by a life long commitment to "Self healing" for lack of a better term.

No accident happened BTW and the white car got around the pick-up. ...uh hem... "safely". The pick-up truck driver & I both just threw up our hands as if to say to each other WTF was THAT!!??

I have to say; I feel VERY lucky and blessed to have had that reaction AND to be here safe with no harm done!!

The point of this post???

Doing this work I believe enabled me to have that surprisingly calm reaction! And I'm hoping my little story will inspire others to keep at it! At whatever pace they can!


thanks you for this Rick. I'm fairly new to JOL, say 3 weeks or so - but already the most important benefit i see is that often, my mind would pickup a thought of some slight or perceived injustice done to me 5, 10, 15 years ago and ruminate on it for hours raising my blood pressure and anxiety. Completely and utterly useless but I would just get carried along for the ride. Now I am able to say to myself "What the F are you doing?" and stop investment in that thought - not by force of will but by being able to step a bit back and see the stupidity of it. Slowly, surely.......

I am glad your "dangerous situation" ended well Rick. I recognize what you say here. It is in extraordinary situations that one notice most clearly that ones reaction patterns has changed. When nothing special happens it is sometimes hard to see what, or if nothing at all, has changed. But it has! Our relationship towards everything has changed, although it sometimes take a "dangerous situation" to become aware of it.

I was about to say "drive safely man", but hmm!?, that seems to take care of it self 😊.


Great to read your post and the reactions. I feel your experience will encourage people to jump in and start while encouraging members like me to continue or even share their experience. What l like about it is that this practice is practical in everyday experiences. Keep Calm and Carry on as the English say!!!!

Excellent!!!!! Do you feel you are more productive with your time now that you have those useless thoughts subdued?


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