the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Connecting with people

I wrote the following text to a couple of friends that also go through recovery and know about the Just One Look Method. I thought I'd post it in the forum too:

"John has said somewhere that the worst effect of the fear of life is that we humans don't really connect with each other. We keep our distance. And I start to see the opposite of that effect now in my own life. Today me and my family had a visit from a family that is on vacation here in Denmark where we live. They live in Germany (the woman is from Germany and the man is from Mexico and they have two kids). I met them at the playground when I was there with my kids and I couldn't resist my urge to invite them home. We had a wonderful time and decided to stay in touch. It became clear to me today that it was my openness and curiosity and lack of fear that made our meeting possible. And the funny thing is that this has happened quite a lot recently. I meet and connect with more people than I ever had before in my life. And it's clear that its a result of a decrease in fear of life. I love life and I love to connect with other people. In fact, I cant resist it..."

I hope you make progress folks wherever you are in this process.

All the best,


That's nice to hear. I am still in an isolation / procrastinating mode. I return to work next week which puts me constantly in socializing situations and I do meet interesting people as well. Going on 3 weeks no alcohol and I have a case of tinitus which is really a nussaince and interferes with my sleep and my thinking process.I still continue with SDA despite it all. I've been a bit lax but will try once again to be more diligent and see how this situation develops.

Still working and over 3 months alcohol free, I am able to function with the tinnitus, and I am sleeping better and still continuing with the Self Directed Attention exercise 2 a day for 10 to 12 minutes each session .

Ok. Haven't been working since I finished work in August. Been more of a homebody since finally getting my own place. Connecting with people? I do strike conversations here. .. And there but my idea is to invite people to my home and create a creative space here. A of culture center of sorts. That's the idea. And I think that idea is coming together . Been studying and playing piano a lot. Time to get out and play in public again. Haven't been doing the SDA lately. And I realize that I haven't been in control of my attention, but at least I'm aware of it. And that's a good sign! !


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