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Step 2 (SDA) - purpose and just for recovery phase?

Hi everyone. Reading the method instructions, Step 1 includes breathing as well as Step 2. In Step 2 the breathing part is longer (up to 10 minutes) and includes counting. But still it seems very similar, is there any significant difference between the two steps? Maybe some special effect? Two different main purposes? And furthermore, as a beginner, should I wait with exercising Step 2 until I think I've entered recovery phase?

best regards, janosh.

You are making far to much of this simple exercise which is more like weightlifting than anything else. In weightlifting, you count reps to keep track of your progress.

In the Self- Directed Attention Exercise, you count the reps, and you notice how many you have managed to do before losing count. Then you start over from 1.

The value of the counting is to realize how little control over your attention you have had until now. and to see it grow over time.

Just do the Self-Directed Attention Exercise. You will understand it better as you practice it.

Start it as soon as you can. Don't wait. With diligent practice, you will gain control of your attention.


I'm completely new to all this, in fact I don't do any social media/forum at all and never did, I don't really know why, afraid to connect with the world I suppose, I always had a distrust of all these networking social type sites, I suppose I just get too much of a feeling of falseness from them, however this seems to have touched something in me, I am only practicing the last few days and I have had results but the internal negative thought patterns begin pulling back at me after about a half hour of completion of the exercise, I seem more drawn to the exercise of looking at my childhood and then me, I have noticed when doing the counting breaths exercise that if I focus on the airflow in and out of my body I can get a few seconds, however, if I focus my attention on the outbreath as I breathe in and the inbreath as I breathe out I can get higher numbers but I'm not sure if I am entirely present if I do this as I'm either 2/3 seconds in the past or the future if I employ this method but I suppose I would definitely take that, I am wondering how long John and Carla can now go without negative and anxious thoughts? - hours? Days? Weeks? Or even more? - I'm getting anxious now over five times a day, this is relatively new, well I suppose not, it's about the last 6 years I've been aware of this, I'm worried I will have to live the rest of my life like this. Thanks, I wish and all those suffering in this way my deepest genuine thoughts of goodwill from me, I understand what you are living with.

First of all, thank you for joining our forum and trying Just One Look. From what you wrote, I understand that you have read our ebook, The Just One Look Method: Complete Instructions.

As you saw in the book, the method has two parts. The act of looking at yourself is not a practice. You only need to do it once. One time is enough to start the process of regeneration of your mental mechanisms. But since it is almost impossible to know that you have actually succeeded in doing it, we advise that you look at yourself every now and then, whenever you remember it. Don't think of it as a practice. Just turn your attention inward to get a sense of your me-ness every now and then, when you think of it.

Once you have looked at yourself, the process of regeneration of your mind will begin and it will go on mostly unnoticed. You can go on with your life and never even think of it anymore. The results will appear over time. But if you really want to gain control of your attention and be more aware of the changes that are happening in your mind, start doing the Self-Directed Attention Exercise right away. This is a practice and you will get better at it over time.

The practice is simple. Focus your attention on the sensation of your breath in your nostrils. Count the outbreaths. When you find yourself paying attention to something else, start over from 1. The goal is not to get to 10. The purpose of the exercise is to notice when you are distracted and then bring your attention back to where you want it to be.

The practice itself will not eliminate negative thoughts. This is not the goal. The only goal of the practice is to gain control of your attention. In time, will notice even more the times when you are distracted and this may feel like you are more distracted than ever. But it is just that, with practice, you become more able to notice more subtle distractions.

The practice will strengthen your control over your attention over time. What keeps those negative thoughts coming back is the attention you give them, and even naming them "negative thoughts" is giving them attention. In time, you will be able to decide what you want to pay attention to and what is not worth paying attention to.

Any thought that is not relevant in the moment is not worth attention in the moment.

I hope this answers your question. If not, please let us know by posting a reply.

Thank you for your time, more than anything else john. I'm just curious as to your view on a anti depressents ( Im aware that maybe you cannot answer this?


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