the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Ways and Means

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We need to give more, collectively!

Hi all! I want to take this moment and remind everybody that our project here is entirely dependent on donations from us in this community, and that, unfortunately, we are not meeting the running costs at our current rate.

I'm already maxed out as to what I can pledge and still keep a living, so all I can do right now is ask you guys, on behalf of all of us really, to look if it is not possible for you to further help keep our community alive by giving some money. Even better I think would be if you could also find another person who has gained benefit from our work, and ask them to make a monthly pledge. Remind them of our ambitious and urgently necessary goal of providing sanity for all humans everywhere - free of charge. I have some emails to write myself regarding that point..

'Cause here's the plan: If we can only get a steady income that supports our monthly operational costs (which is not all that much tbh.) we would be able to focus on asking for bigger money, the real money, elsewhere, like from grants or altruists and other deep pockets. That kind of funding would allow for us to spread our message to everybody everywhere through all kinds of channels, like mass media for instance. So perhaps you see the bigger picture here.

But! Our work is currently halted because of a lack of basic, operational funding, and when I consider the way the world works, the effects of fear on our humanity, the things we do with our precious time here, how we are consuming, where the money ends up, then I think.. how can something of this caliber still struggle to survive when it already touched the heart of so many? I don't know why that is, and this time I'm not looking to guilt trip anyone by saying it, only to ask for a moment of appreciation what has been given here, and look to see if there is something useful you can do right now to help out. As is familiar, the weight on each one of us gets less with every person sharing the burden, and we could really use all the help we can get right now. So, thank you very much for considering all this with me. I know we can do it.


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