the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Ways and Means

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This is an emergency

We sent this message to our email list the day before yesterday, on June 25th. We are posting it here in case you are not a Just One Look News subscriber, so you too have a chance to help.

Dear friend,

Forgive us for this long email but, please, take the time to read it to the end. This is an emergency.

We have not been able to send you our weekly newsletter in the last two weeks and we apologize for that. Carla was ill and bed-ridden for the last two weeks. She is getting better now.

We know how irritating it can be to receive endless messages from non-profits asking for money. So we try to not bother you with these matters and do our best to support our work with other means.

But, in spite of all our efforts and pleas for support, the small monthly income needed to keep this work alive has not stabilized.

We have been working to cut down expenses and there's still some more to do but that takes time and there are just the two of us to do everything.

Our rent has increased annually since 2009, and now it's at $2,100 a month. This house is our home and also our office.

As of today, we owe a total of 3 months' back rent plus late fees. Our landlords have been very patient, but they won't wait any longer. If we can't pay in full what we owe them, they will evict us.

Since our last email to you, we received a few small donations and a couple of new monthly pledges. And just this week we received a substantial donation, which has given us some hope. We are extremely grateful.

But it's not enough. We still need to raise at least $8,000 more to allow us to catch up on the overdue rent and to give us a little breathing space.

Of course, you are under no obligation to help us. We offer our work free of charge to all because we believe that freedom from fear is everyone's birthright.

We hope you will find it in your heart to help us get out of this very difficult situation. Please make a donation today.

We realize this is a lot of money but if everyone reading this email contributes what they can afford, we will get through this difficult time.

And in the middle of all of this, we are still here for you if you need help.

We are also working on a new website that will be much easier to use, with the generous help of a friend who is donating his time and expertise. We hope to have it online very soon.

We remain optimistic.

If you know someone who might be able to help us, please forward this message to them.

Take good care of yourself and have a great week!


John & Carla Sherman

Please send your contribution here.

If you have a PayPal account, send your gift to johnandcarla@justonelook.org

Mail us a check (US banks only) or money order:

Just One Look Foundation

201 E. Ojai Avenue, 1566

Ojai, CA 93023

Glad you're feeling better Carla!

I wish I was financially rich right now so I could support you guys more in that way. Being self-employed, I feel like losing the fear of life will definitely help me generate more financial income. I just need to direct more of my focused attention to doing that now as I feel other parts of my life are healing/losing the "soldiers of fear".

But the main reason I'm writing is that I wanted to check and make sure you guys were receiving the small donations I have been sending via paypal - usually before an open house or webinar. When I first joined the group and made a donation I would get some type of receipt/note acknowledging the donation was received. In recent months, when I donate, I haven't received any confirmation. I certainly don't need any confirmation for myself, but I wanted to make sure you guys are actually getting the $$ sent! I'm still a little distrusting of the internet in general. I do a lot of shopping online, mainly Amazon, and have had my CC# stolen a number of times. Now I know to refresh my browser and do other similar type things to prevent this. I know you guys are very computer-savvy, much more so than I am anyway. I would just hate to think there is someone (or some internet business people) taking advantage of your good-natures.

Fortunately, as I progress with JOL, I am able to communicate it more and more absolutely free to people - since I use your book on Amazon or the website! Certainly it's pretty stress-free for me to just be a â "go between" in communicating about JOL. But I have gotten into a lot of interesting discussions about it, which have been very interesting. It is so much better for someone like me to have your book and website, as well as all the podcasts and, now, webinars, that I can refer people to. I don't have to do a lot of explaining about JOL at all. I just relate my own experience generally of suffering less. That's all people that I run into in my life usually care about - reducing their level of suffering. Losing fear.

So that's exciting about the new website. I hope it's nice and clean and simple! I can't imagine you guys would "doll it up" like one of those cheesy "spiritual" websites that people go to... hahaha!! ;-)

It's great to hear that you have at least one wealthy person helping you guys somewhat in a financial sense. Having a few people who are genuinely interested in JOL and practicing the self-directed attention exercise, and who are financially wealthy is definitely a great asset. Having 5 or 6 wealthy individuals who are able to help in a material sense, who are truly interested in JOL, would be ideal. Of course, it sounds like you guys need $$ like yesterday!! So, even though I can certainly see this happening in the future, what about right now? I'm sure there are many people here who are reading your post who can understand the situation you guys are in.

So what can regular people do to help? Besides donating anything we can afford to financially, I would think it would be developing our own focused attention, losing the fear of life. This, to me, seems like the absolute best thing we can be doing right now to support the JOL teaching as we can develop more clarity and have much better decision making ability when not hampered so much by the fear of life.

Well that's it from my end right now. My main purpose in writing in, as I said, is to make absolutely sure you guys are receiving all the donations you are entitled to and there is no "internet funny business" going on. If you need me to verify anything with paypal with you, such as double checking my paypal record of donations with that Wishing you all the very best, Lex

Dear Lex,

Yes, we are receiving donations through PayPal with no problem. No funny business going on.

You should have received an email from PayPal confirming your donation. Please check your spam/junk folder.

It's been very crazy here, with so much work and so much going on. I just have not had the time to thank each person who made donation in the last month. But I am going to start working on that this week.

Thank you!

Hey Carla, glad you are getting my donations.. Please don't feel you have to respond personally every time I give a donation. I just wanted to make sure the system was working. For the first few months, I would get a note saying my donations were received. For about the last 6 months, I wasn't getting any more notes, and that's what I wanted to check. I checked all my spam/junk folders and anywhere else any email might be, but no luck. As long as you are getting them, that's the important thing. So, now, I figure that means if the receipt is on paypal, then you get the donations. I hope as your $$ increases, and you have the new site up, many of the things you guys have to do manually, will be done automatically to save you guys a great deal of time! All the very best, Lex

Facebook now has a fundraiser feature for non profit organizations!!! I tried to create one for you guys but your organization couldn't be found so something you might wanna look into!

Basically anyone can create a donate button for thier favorite NP and when they share the website people can donate!

I've already raised $5 for truckers against Trafficking this way.

Hope that helps!!

Hi, Rick!

We are registered with Facebook to receive donations through them. They don't charge a processing fee, which is great.

You'll find the Donate button on this page:


Donations go to the Just One Look Foundation (previously The River Ganga Foundation).

We are working to get the Donate button on our other page too:


So, please, go ahead and start a campaign.

Thank you!


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