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A Meeting with John Sherman

Saturday, June 30th from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm PDT (UTC/GMT -7)

Click here to see what time the webinar will begin where you are.

Register for the webinar even if you cannot attend it. We will send you a link to the video recording a day after the webinar.


Suggested donation: $10. All are welcome.

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Email Reminders

You will receive an email reminder one week before the webinar, a second reminder one day before, and another one hour before.

If you wish to speak with John, you will need a headset with microphone or ear buds and a microphone. If you are unable to speak during the webinar, you may also type your question or comment in the Questions Pane.

Even if you are not at your computer or your mobile device, you can connect to the webinar with a telephone. You will not be able to speak with John, but you will be able to listen to the webinar as you would a radio show.

Registration Cancellation

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of any email reminder you received about the webinar.
  2. Click on the link that says: "Please cancel your registration if you cannot attend."
    That link is personalized, your registration number embedded in it, so you must use the email that was addressed to you.
  3. If you wish to attend a webinar but do not wish to receive email reminders, you can tell us not to send them by clicking on the link that says "You can also opt-out from receiving further emails from this Webinar's organizers."

Please don't send us emails asking us to cancel your registration or unsubscribe you. Registration, registration cancellation, email reminders. etc. are all done directly through GoToWebinar.

System Requirements

It is very important to verify that your computer or mobile device meets the minimum requirements. If it doesn't, you will not be able to join the webinar.

Click here to see the minimum system requirements for joining the webinar.

Webinar Attendee Quick Start Guide.

These links will will take you to the GoToWebinar website.

Software Installation and Update

If you're joining a webinar on GoToWebinar for the first time or you haven't attended a webinar in a while, we suggest that you click on the JOIN LINK at least half an hour before the scheduled time so you'll have time to install the software (or software update) and set your audio preferences.

The software will install automatically. Once the installation finishes, you will see the Attendee Control Panel on your screen. If you can't see it, it is probably minimized to the upper right corner of your screen. You will see two icons there. From the bottom up: a screen and a white arrow on an orange background (it will be pointing to the left when the control panel is minimized).

The room will open 20 minutes early to allow you to test your system and make any necessary adjustments.

Audio Quality

Audio quality can vary based on your audio software/hardware manufacturer as well as your operating system. When using VoIP, the following best practices are recommended:

  • For optimum sound quality, a headset is recommended, preferably a USB headset for ease of use.
  • If a headset is not available, a microphone and speakers are required, preferably a USB microphone for ease of use.
  • If using a microphone, it should be a distance of at least 1.5 feet away from any speakers that are built into or connected to your PC.
  • The use of a Webcam microphone is not recommended.