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Rules and regulations, who needs them?

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Rules and regulations, who needs them?

    Guidelines on what can and what cannot be done here

    1. This is not a place to compare The Just One Look Method with other strategies in an attempt to find commonality. If commonality there is, commonality can take care of itself. We are devoted solely to bringing the method to you and providing you with clarification and support.

    2. It is not a place for promoting or disparaging any other idea or insight that strives to solve the problem of human existence.

    3. It is not a social, spiritual, religious, or recreational forum. There are plenty of internet sites offering social connection, education, spiritual aspiration and understanding, religious faith, entertainment, and recreation for all levels of interest and aptitude.

    4. This is not a place for abstract debate concerning theoretical matters. We are only interested in practical issues and practical advice. We encourage forum members to strive for practicality in their reflections and conversations. Our forums are meant to be an abstraction-free zone.

    5. As a general rule, postings that suggest philosophical, psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, or any other form of practices or understandings as necessary to be free of fear and its consequences will not be approved. There are plenty of internet venues in which you can explore these matters to your hearts' content.

    6. Abusive language, aggression, commercial marketing, links to external websites of any kind, email addresses - your own or anyone else's - are not permitted here. If the offending material can be edited out without disturbing the original intent of the post, we may delete it before approving the post.

    7. Postings that make reference to other teachings or teachers, whether expressing approval, disapproval, or neutrality toward them will not be approved, but if the specific name of the teacher or teaching can be edited out of the post without disturbing its intent, we may delete it and approve the edited post. Again, there is time and plenty of opportunity elsewhere to consider these things.

    8. Postings that discourage or undermine self-reliance will not be tolerated.

    9. Links to other websites, pictures, audios, and videos are not allowed.

    What is the purpose of our forums?

    The purpose of our forums is to provide a place where people who are working with The Just One Look Method, in whatever stage of the recovery process they may find themselves, can provide support for one another and share their experiences related to the act of looking at oneself and the practice of self-directed attention.

    Our forum is a place where we can consider together the meaning and significance of Just One Look in our own lives and for the entire community of human beings everywhere. And we can share ideas on how to bring Just One Look to the world at large.

    If you keep that central purpose in mind, we believe you will see the sense behind the few rules that we have imposed here.

    What is moderation?

    Moderation is the common practice of withholding a posting pending review by a moderator. All postings are moderated by John and Carla Sherman.

    New postings are put into moderation automatically for the following reasons:
    1. To prevent the posting of commercial message and other types of spam;
    2. To give Carla and John time to review them and make sure they do not violate the forum's purpose;
    3. And, most importantly, to give Carla and John time to read and reflect on your reports, which enriches our own understanding.

    Moderation here might be a little more stringent than you've seen in other forums. We review postings to prevent spam, offensive language, and off-topic postings from cluttering the forums. In general, postings that do not follow the guidelines are deleted or edited to remove disallowed material. We may also get in touch with the author of the unapproved post for clarification.

    If the moderated posting is not spam and does not violate the guidelines, it is approved without regard to its content or point of view. We try to review new postings every morning, but sometimes it may take a day or two for a new posting to appear in the forum. We're grateful for your patience.

    We know that all these rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures might seem to do nothing but put complication in what should be a simple matter, but I think you will see that they much easier to live with than they are to explain.

    We believe rules and regulations will help us stay focused on this incredible possibility that has appeared in our lives, and the great opportunity we have here to actually bring an end to insanity in our own lifetime.

    A word of advice

    The most useful understanding for you, after having done the act of looking at yourself, is that all of the thought forms that arise in your mind as it heals are most likely remnants of the fear trying desperately to make you see that what you are doing is wrong and return you to the safety of a fear-based relationship to life.

    We promise that if you decline to follow the thoughts and opinions that appear in your mind as the recovery unfolds, and try as best you can to develop your control over your attention with the self-directed attention exercise, your time in recovery will be much shorter.

    You'll find the instruction for the exercise in our free ebook, The Just One Look Method: Complete Instructions.

    It is not a requirement that you begin to take control over your attention to be free of fear. But if you seek a truly fresh and self-reliant relationship with the new mind that is already arising within you, it is a must.

    This approach to the mental misery that seems to afflict almost all of us is new in the world and, although there are ideas to be found in a number of disciplines that seem consistent with your desire for freedom, even the most seemingly true of them stop short of the radical restructuring of the mind toward sanity that the simple act of inward looking at yourself brings about.

    Donate to support the Just One Look Forum

    The single biggest stumbling block, and the greatest eater of time for us is the effort to find money to keep Just One Look online.

    We give Just One Look to all free of charge because we truly believe that this possibility is everybody's birthright.

    We ask forum members to make a $10 monthly pledge (30ยข a day) to support the Just One Look Forum.

    If you can donate more, please do and, if you need to donate less, please don't hesitate to do that either. You will not be treated differently no matter what you give or do not give, but please take this plea to heart and do what you can.

    Make a contribution now and/or set up a recurring monthly donation.

    Thank you,
    John & Carla
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