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I listened to the worldwide broadcast on Sunday...

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  • I listened to the worldwide broadcast on Sunday...

    Hi John and Carla,

    I listened to the worldwide broadcast on Sunday, it inspires to keep on looking and each time you speak on the looking, for me your instruction and narrative becomes more and more clear and precise.

    There are many aspects of being involved in the looking that I appreciate immensely, one is the way you make the whole process an open, developing affair, unlike most of the other approaches that I have encountered which seem finalised and concluded, there is little or no room for input, suggestions, participation and contributions. It's really unique what you do in this respect John, by keeping the way open and accessible, you are allowing us to build this with you.

    There have been and probably still are comments on the money and donation aspect of this adventure. I guess most of us have issues around money, as the fear of life gets activated when the the question of money arises. I certainly notice that, as I have no income at the moment, and to donate would leave me with even less for myself and put me under financial pressure, I just wanted to share this as I would imagine the fear of life that the thoughts of money are coupled to hinder many of us from contributing although what you offer is of immense value.

    Ok, John and Carla, thank so much for your efforts, I love you, bye for now.