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I have paid fairly and plus every year...

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  • I have paid fairly and plus every year...

    Hi John and Carla,

    I have paid fairly and plus every year for the downloads of the podcasts since I know about you. Now your financial situation is difficult to understand. So I can only send you these 2 links and hope as a worthy cause you could raise money this way!

    Our daughter contributed money she does not have to some aspiring actor to make a documentary and she raised $75,000 dollars. I believe your proposition is totally more worthy then this "romantic documentary".

    Hope this can help.


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    First of all, we want to thank you for your donations.

    Maybe this page will help you understand the RiverGanga Foundation's financial situation a little better:


    Regarding Kickstarter, we have been to their site and we looked through their regulations.
    We don't see how we could use their service, considering the type of work that we do.

    Do you have any ideas? Would you be willing to look into it yourself and let us know what you find?

    Thank you very much for your suggestion,