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  • roed_
    started a topic What's next?

    What's next?

    What I want to do is to work for promoting sanity by looking. I have started to put notes on billboards and such around where I live with a very short...
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  • Carla Sherman
    started a topic Let's be honest...

    Let's be honest...

    We need your help this week. Will you make a donation? The truth is, we can't afford to feel embarrassed asking you to make a donation. We do it because we strive to make Just One Look available to everyone always free of charge, no strings attached. Our website...
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  • Carla Sherman
    started a topic This Is An Emergency

    This Is An Emergency

    We sent this message to our email list the day before yesterday, on June 25th. We are posting it here in case you are not a Just One Look News subscriber, so you too have a chance to help. Dear friend, Forgive us for this long email but, please, take the time to read it to the end. This is an emergency. We have not been able to send you our weekly newsletter in the last two weeks and we apologize for that. Carla was ill and bed-ridden fo...
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  • How to speak to others about the just One Look Method

    After some time has passed since doing the Looking you see so many wonderful changes happening. It's the same life but...completely different. The...
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  • Carla Sherman
    started a topic Subscribe to Just One Look News today!

    Subscribe to Just One Look News today!

    Subscribe to our free newsletter to receive updates, tips, quotes, special offers, exclusive content and much more. We will send you a brief email update about once a week. Thank you for you...
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  • Carla Sherman
    started a topic Lookers tell their stories

    Lookers tell their stories

    Help us raise money for The River Ganga Foundation and the Just One Look Project by purchasing our new ebook. Our new ebook contains a selection of reports from people who have used the Just One Look Method to eliminate the foundation of fear that is at ...
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  • Carla Sherman
    started a topic The Big Door Prize

    The Big Door Prize

    We are at a loss to understand why we have so much trouble raising money to support our work.

    We are neither newcomers to the problems that afflict human life, nor to the solutions that have so far failed to bring peace and satisfaction with human life except for a lucky few, if any.

    We are in a very difficult situation right now that could actually lead to the collapse of the work that we have dedicated ourselves to for almost twenty years.

    What we have...
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  • Carla Sherman
    started a topic Straight Talk

    Straight Talk

    What we have done so far About eighteen years ago, while working as spiritual teachers of self-inquiry, Carla and I were taken by the idea that all human psychological misery might have a single cause and a single cure. Over time, we came to see that there actually is but one true cause for all human psychological misery; it is the fear of life itself that strikes most of us in the pain and confusion of birth. And that fear creates a context ...
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  • Please read this before doing anything here.

    Recovery from the fear of life can be intense and deeply confusing if you don't understand what's happening. Most of the psychological mechanisms that were born in the fear have now lost their purpose, and the context into...
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  • John Sherman
    started a topic The Purpose of this Forum

    The Purpose of this Forum

    You may have noticed that our work with the looking and our manner of speaking about it has changed.

    This is mostly because we have finally shed the last vestiges of confusion about how to present the simplicity and the power of this act of inward looking that we call looking at yourself. We have always known that if we could just find a way to spread this idea broadly enough in the human community, it might just ...
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  • Niklas
    started a blog post Give and get

    Give and get

    Hi all,

    I see this community as a place for education. Here, I find a kind of basic education and learning that supports and enriches every...
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  • Niklas
    started a topic We have the power

    We have the power

    Hi all! A lot is happening in my process of recovery at the moment. And I want to sum up some of it and share it with you, because what I experience in my recovery relates to the topics we all lately have been talking about in the forums. Namely; the look...
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  • Niklas
    started a topic Effects of the looking and money

    Effects of the looking and money

    Hi all !

    I have to say a few words about the financial situation of the Just One Look project. I have been in this work for some time now...
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  • Brezz
    started a topic Seeing


    Hi, I feel like I'm kind of a member of this 'community'. I admit I haven't given any money besides buying a book and maybe giving $10 once. Anyway, I am presently recovering from...
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  • LeeHarry
    started a topic Sharing about the period of recovery

    Sharing about the period of recovery

    Dear fellow travelers, I am so grateful to be a part of this community. It is a great opportunity to share what is nearly impossible and quite useless to share with people not familiar with the looking. So I appreciate this communi...
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