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  • Mindfulness


    Self-Directed Attention is very, very hard in the beginning. It can seem almost impossible to do.

    If Self-Directed Attention is causing you too much distress, try doing the following meditation for a while instead.

    This is the Buddhist Shamata Meditation (mindfulness or concentration) and it is the basis of the Self-Directed Attention Exercise.

    We advise anyone who is having difficulty with Self-Directed Attention to try this meditation first.

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  • Pietro
    started a topic My experience of the looking

    My experience of the looking

    Hi guys I have been doing the looking now for nearly five years, and though I don’t usually come on these forums, I thought it might be helpful to let...
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  • cmcollazo3
    started a topic Extended Looking?

    Extended Looking?

    This is my first post on the forum, thank you Carla and John for such a wonderful opportunity you have given us. It's the greatest gift one can give or receive! I was wonde...
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  • anonymous
    started a topic A suggestion:

    A suggestion:

    Hi John, A suggestion: Don't use the breathing exercise prelude. It sounds overly familiar and people may think this is similar to other yogic/meditation techniques!! Why not using something com...
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  • After encountering a small contingent...

    After encountering a small contingent of Tibetan Karma Kargu monks in my trading post in the Yukon I gave up the regular life style and perused the study and practice of meditation. I was fortunate to meet those whom had attained...
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  • Some thoughts on my 'doing the looking,' and the use of Cannabis

    Dear John and Carla, Thought I'd write this email, just to keep in touch and let you know how things are going with me. I never join in your meetings, as to do this as it is out of my comfort zone. I am a much better writer than I will ever be a talker, and I have no questions really. Wh...
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  • Administrator
    started a topic Watching/listening to retreat videos...

    Watching/listening to retreat videos...

    Howdy, Watching/listening to retreat videos and finding them very helpful. Thank you for posting them! Quick observation/question: It seems to me that "looking at yourself" can be done at an...
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