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  • IMHO, "Addiction to Experiences" is John’s Best Talk Yet…

    … after the ones that started JOL.

    Where I live means I miss some of John’s live online meetings because they’re live here @ around...
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  • The neurotic mind ..how to better deal with it ?

    John often gives talks connected to SDA saying it will reduce the period of recovery. In reference to mental problems. I found that directly struggling...
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  • Expectations


    Expectations come in at least two flavors. The first flavor is a reasonable expectation as to what might happen in the course of our day-to-day life. For example, if I plant a garden, I will have the reasonable expectation that, barring bad weather or unforeseen damage by pests, in due time I will have the fruits of my labor in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. If I place an order for something at Amazon, I will have the reasonable expectation that, in due time, a package will arrive at my...
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  • roed_
    started a topic A sane thought

    A sane thought

    When I woke up this morning I thought about doing some schoolwork. I often think to do schoolwork but only to keep me out of trouble. Today I didn't speculate...
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  • Niklas
    started a blog post Sane Enough

    Sane Enough

    I have been sitting many times in front of my computer trying to write a summary of my recovery and also respond to some really interesting and helpful...
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  • Who's to Blame?

    Who's to Blame?

    Something is terribly wrong with us, and has been for a very long time.

    Anxiety, depression, and mood disorders ravage the human experience of life everywhere. If you are a human being, there is a very good chance that you suffer from one or more of the hundreds of psychological disorders defined in the professional literature.

    The chances are also very good that you have attempted or thought about suicide as a solution to your suffering at some point in your life. Or maybe
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  • Niklas
    started a topic Effects of the looking and money

    Effects of the looking and money

    Hi all !

    I have to say a few words about the financial situation of the Just One Look project. I have been in this work for some time now...
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  • reidchog
    started a topic There I am.

    There I am.

    Looking back now I wonder how it took so long, its been eighteen months with the looking and in that time I felt sure I understood what John was trying to convey,...
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  • LeraC
    started a topic A moment of sanity

    A moment of sanity

    I've been “taking the medicine” for over 4 years and I love how indications of recovery show up on their own. First, it is clear to me that I am not in control of any of...
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