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the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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It's not too late to make a difference! We are raising funds to be able to continue our work of helping people be free of the fear of life and become self-reliant and sane in their own lives. Help us raise the funds we need to continue our work in the coming year. We don't sell anything on our website. We depend on donations to continue, but less than 1% of our readers give. Make a small donation today, and you will be helping us reach many thousands of people with our message of peace and sanity. This is your opportunity to make a big difference! More details...

A Small Gift Can Go a Long Way

Today we give thanks for this magnificent work that has come to us.

We give thanks to the wonderful community that supports our work to bring Just One Look to the world and help people be free of the fear of life.

We give thanks to all of you who have honored us by embarking on your journey to sanity and self-reliance with us.

We started out, about 20 years ago, bringing our understanding of Ramana Maharshi's Self-Inquiry to people. We met with thousands of people, in person and online, and through our work with them, we came to see that:

1) The root cause of all purely psychological problems is the fear of life.

2) The fear of life arrives at birth and instantly establishes the context within which our mind will develop throughout our lives. This fear can be thought of as a psychological autoimmune disease: it injures that which it is trying to protect.

3) Turning your mind's eye inward and looking at what you would call me instantly eliminates the fearful mental environment and resets the mind.

That taste of the me-ness of you is followed by a period of recovery, in which the old, self-destructive psychological mechanisms begin to fade away as new, healthier ones take their place. The entire process may take a few years, but the initial results can be perceived right away.

We have developed a simple, direct, non-religious, non-spiritual, method that can be used by absolutely everyone, with no requirement that they abandon their beliefs and adopt new ones.

In the last 10 years, we have brought The Just One Look Method to all who are willing to try it and the results have been very positive and encouraging. Many hundreds of people have reported that they have seen their relationship with their own lives and their own minds become saner and that now they are at home in their lives, in spite of the difficulties that life presents.

Just one look at yourself is all it takes to trigger a real transformation in the mind.

Imagine a world free of neurotic fearfulness and anxiety. No one who is naturally and fearlessly engaged in the richness of their own lives will ever knowingly seek to harm anyone else.

We thank all of you who have made donations to our work this year, and in the previous years. We could not have come this far without you and your trust in us.

Today, we encourage you to continue supporting our work by making a donation during the holidays.

We are raising funds to be able to continue our work of helping people all over the world be free of the fear of life and become self-reliant and sane in their own lives.

Help us raise the funds needed to continue our work in the coming year.

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Your donations is tax-deductible in the US and it will help thousands of people around the world have access to this information and get the support they need, always free of charge.

Freedom from fear and the path to a self-reliant mind are available to everyone. And we need your help to continue bringing it to all.

Thank you for your support!

John & Carla


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