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Just One Look News - August 7, 2017 - Volume 5, Issue 15

A Message from John

A Message from John Sherman.

Two Choices After the Looking

During the period of recovery that follows the act of looking at yourself, two choices appear to us. We can do nothing about it and wait for the difficult times to pass on their own. Or we can learn to work with our attention and become skillful in deciding for ourselves what deserves our attention in the moment. The simple practice of Self-Directed Attention gives us the ability to actually influence the way our mind reconstitutes itself after the disappearance of the fear of life.

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An Afternoon with John Sherman
in San Diego, CA

An Afternoon with John Sherman.

John Sherman will be in San Diego, California for a meeting on Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 4 to 5:30 PM.

The meeting will be in a private home with limited seating.

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Thursdays in the Park with John

Meeting with John Sherman.

Every Thursday in August John Sherman will be at Libbey Park in Ojai, California from 6 to 7 PM to answer all your questions about Just One Look and Self-Inquiry.

Come and join an informal conversation about becoming free of fear, going through recovery, developing self-reliance, returning to sanity, etc.

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Talk with John

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John Sherman is available in our online meeting room every Wednesday from 7 to 8 PM PDT (UTC/GMT -7) to answer all your questions about Just One Look and Self-Inquiry. You can call him using a browser or a phone.

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Report from a Member of Our Community

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My Return to This Work

Hello everyone. In the period of 2010-2012, I was very active in this work. I knew for certain that I had done the looking and was headlong into recovery. I was a regular contributor to the forums, and even made a trip to Ojai to attend a meeting and to meet John and Carla in person.

In early 2013, I changed jobs and moved into one of the most challenging times in my career. In 2015, we lost both of our dogs in the short period of four months, and two very close associates of mine had near fatal accidents.

What I have come to discover is that I was new into recovery and the shock of these events sent me running to what was more comfortable for me: the satsang world, complete with the music, pictures, malas, guru-worship and, of course, dumping the responsibility of my life on to someone else. This was my way of escaping from these very difficult things and running away from life.

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Look at Yourself
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