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Just One Look News
November 20, 2017- Volume 5, Issue 23

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We have revised and updated our ebooks. We also added new covers.

If you have purchased any of our ebooks in English, log into our store and download the file again to get the latest edition.

Some of the titles are also available for Kindle readers at Amazon. More coming soon.

John & Carla

What to Do After the Looking
Being Human Podcast Episode 13

Listen to this podcast episode.

John Sherman speaks about the two paths that are available to you after you have done the act of looking at yourself.

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Open House with John and Carla

Read more reports.

If you have questions about how to look at yourself and how to do the practice of self-directed attention, this is your opportunity to get answers.

Bring up anything you want to discuss that is related to The Just One Look Method: your questions, your doubts, your reports, etc.

Now on Wednesdays from 11 AM to 12 PM PT (UTC/GMT -8)

Registration is not required. All are welcome.

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Report from a JOL Forum Member

Forum Posting

My suffering has diminished so much that it’s as if it doesn’t happen. If I do suffer, [and] by this I mean neurotic rumination that has no purpose or isn’t solution driven, it is usually short term and temporary.

My challenge now is to find and stop those things, habits of the mind and body, that lead to suffering. For me this is certain foods, alcohol, too much time spent online, and hanging out with ‘toxic’ people.

I have noticed diminished suffering allows active engagement with life and constructive use of time and attention.

Another thing that went away with suffering is boredom. I’m rarely bored.

J.X., USA - October 2, 2017

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Our Ebooks Now Also for Kindle Readers

New editions of our ebooks now available.

Our ebooks in English have been revised, updated and augmented.

They are available in our online store as PDF ebooks.

If you have purchased any of these titles in the past, please log into our store and download the new edition.

Some of the titles are also available for Kindle readers.

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