Coming Clean

Coming clean: “To admit something to someone.” McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions

The root cause of all human psychological misery is the fear of life itself that strikes most of us at or near birth, and sets the context in which our psychology develops over time. It is useful to speak of the fear and its effects as a kind of psychological autoimmune disease that is subject to therapeutic intervention. There is no one to blame for our misery, least of all ourselves.

The simple act of looking at yourself with your mind’s eye will reliably destroy that context of fearfulness and its diseased psychological mechanisms. We have seen for ourselves that when that happens, the mind naturally begins to restore itself from a foundation of sanity and self-reliance.

The act of looking at yourself is probably the easiest thing you will ever do, although you won’t get any immediate proof of success. This act is so easy that you cannot fail, even though you may come away with no sense of having actually seen anything.

What follows the looking may well be the hardest thing you will ever do. The period that follows the looking can be so hard that the only reason for going through it at all is that, in time, it will bring you complete satisfaction with your life, and your ability to live consciously engaged with its wildness and brimming with self-reliant confidence will grow exponentially. And there is also the fact that once you look, there is no way back.

To get a sense of how hard it can be, just register at our discussion forums, and spend some time reading the reports, the heartaches, and the help that is offered there by those who have seen for themselves what is possible in life for a human being who is free of the curse of neurotic fear.

For most of us who have found life to be more sorrow than joy, it is natural to yearn for an end to complication and difficulty, some breathing space in which the demands of life evaporate, and a dissolution of the constant need to understand and do the right thing. We want to live effortlessly free of fear and heartache.

In the beginning of the process triggered by the act of looking at yourself, there will likely be a period in which that dream seems to have come true. Life lightens up and you may experience a sweet time of restful ease. That sweetness may last a few weeks, months, or even years, but it will end eventually. Only then, when the sweetness ends, can the hard work of recovery from a lifetime of psychological misery and neurotic efforts to find peace truly begin.

The misery of recovery is caused entirely by the terrified attempts of the mind to switch back to business as usual, where fear is king. All sorts of arguments may arise in your mind as to why the looking is not working, why it is not for you, how you’re a hopeless case, etc. During this time, there will most often be an arising of such dreadful intimacy with the psychological mechanisms that have been the source of your misery that you may well cry out for a second chance to decline the invitation to look at yourself.

Luckily, there is no way back, and after a time of misery and confusion, you will find yourself not where you thought you wanted to be, but deeply immersed in, and completely satisfied with the details of human life, with growing skill in taking personal authority over the way in which life unfolds.

You may have come here believing that you would find respite from the deep entanglement with your mind, but what you get is almost the exact opposite. As you mind heals, you will find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into that rich field of experience, and loving it more and more.

We have taken great care to make available to all the truth about what to expect after the looking, and what to do to turn that difficult time into a period of discovery where you can develop a growing strength in the control of your attention.

No matter what you are currently experiencing, and how many times you have read them before, please download and read our manual now.

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