These Times

I will not pussyfoot around the situation facing humanity today.

I am seventy-four years old and I have seen a lot of drama in my own life and in the lives of humans everywhere. In the 70s, I robbed banks and destroyed the means whereby working people were being made poorer every day. In the course of things, I was shot, put on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, and imprisoned for almost 20 years in federal prisons.

Now, as I look around at the state of humanity, I see only two possible outcomes to our troubles. The first and most likely scenario is that we will fall into yet another worldwide war that could very likely be the end of us. You must feel that too, unless you have turned away from the oncoming train wreck and are holed up somewhere hoping for the best. If you have indeed turned your gaze away from the terror, please look at it now, with us.

We need you. Truth be told, you and I, and all who have seen the true cause of human self-destructive behavior to be fear alone—fear of death, fear of failure, fear of being found out, fear of thoughts, fear of our own minds, and in the end, fear of life itself—have it in our power to bring an end to all human‑on‑human misery; we can bring an end to the baseless foundation of fear that is all that stands in the way of human sanity.

So please, turn your attention to our work and decide for yourself now, no matter in what stage of recovery from the fear you might find yourself:

Are you with us? Do you see the possibility here?

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