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One Look Is Enough

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Someone recently asked me how often one needs to look. They wanted to know, could one fail in the looking if it is not repeated?

I believe that one look is enough. If the intent of the looker is focused on touching the feel of me, it cannot fail.

I know that even if the intent is not so clear, the looking can still succeed, because that was the case with me.

I know that success with the first look almost always gives rise to repeated glances in that direction, and that each person's explanation for the repetition will vary. Some say that it just happens of its own accord, some say that it happens because they consciously turn their attention there. Others say that it varies from time to time, and that they alternate between the two.

In my own experience, the repetition of the looking seemed to happen of its own accord, as an effect of the first look.

Some have no experience of repetition until much later in the recovery when most of the symptoms of the disease have cleared from the mind. Therefore, either repetition is irrelevant to the outcome once the first look is accomplished, or repetition can happen automatically, although below the threshold of conscious awareness.

In the end, it becomes apparent that the simple feel of me is always here and no longer needs any special motive or action to be noticed. In the end, what you see is that getting a taste of yourself no longer  carries a sense of special importance.

My reasoning arises from my own experience of looking at myself, and also from more than 21 years engaged in trying to understand how it works and how to pass it on to people. I also base my understanding on the thousands of reports we have received from people in this time and continue to receive. All of this has led me to conclude that the cause of all human psychological misery is the development of the psychology within a context of distrust and fear of life itself.

The fear-driven psychology is a collection of algorithmic stimulus/response mechanisms grounded in the assumption that there is something wrong with life itself. This is the ordinary state of mind for most humans, and it requires constant paranoid vigilance to guard against perceived threats. It resorts to a limited range of possible strategies to identify and neutralize those perceived threats.

Can you see that if the thoughts and judgments about experience are algorithmic and mechanical, all effort to transcend, fix, or invalidate them by any sort of understanding must fail, as long as the silent context that shapes them is one of fearfulness and anxiety about life itself?

The fear of life is a psychological autoimmune disease. And the looking is a therapeutic vaccine that cures the disease and prevents further infection.

I encourage you and all others to take the time to look at the FAQs, my blog, and our discussion forum. You can find a lot of information and answers there.