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Self-reliant expression

I've been wondering lately about how we might infiltrate the current circuits of human communication individually, self-reliantly, as in the arts, science, politics, music, philosophy, psychology, and god forbid maybe even spirituality, with the suggestion of looking inward at what's real. I was inspired to write a post the other night that I realize now was off topic for the course of recovery forum. I can't remember what I wrote but the general context revolved around a coming of age novel I'm writing as part of a degree program I'm in, which is inspired by the new perspective that is forever streaming before me these days. In this novel, the direct and simple suggestion to look for the sake of looking comes only after the typical (though story-specific) tragedy and horror of separation--as it has for me in real life--as well as just about everyone I know. All of the heartfelt classics (Huck Finn, The Lord of the Rings, The Secret Life of Bees, War and Peace) and all true hero's journeys resonate with us but fail to make this simple suggestion. Yes the simplicity could get lost in the powerful emotions, but at least it would be there after the storm subsides. Writing and music are a karmic draw for me, and I think I could use these talents to infiltrate the common populace. I'm also sure that everyone has a gift to give and may be able tag it with "look at yourself." I know it's like doing an end run, but I also know that we all have a unique (though infinitesimal) perspective, and karmic gifts and talents that could be used as bait (perhaps the marketing industry might actually have some real usefulness here) to attract a wider audience. And I'm pretty sure that anyone who has fallen in love with life (though petty habits of mind may persist for many years) will certainly want to participate in ways that subvert the current money paradigm, which is still a major part of human evolution, at this point. I know that these ideas might stem beyond what might seem "practical," but I'm curious, and that human trait has yet to really evolve, I think.

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