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A report and a critique (or question about money)

Dear all,

I don't know where to post this exactly because it is both an introduction/ description of recovery and a report about my first contact with this community

I had my first conscious glimpse of myself around autumn 2011. At that time I never heard of John Sherman, and was following mainly the instructions of Adyashanti, but also lots of other stuff. After that the search was over. The search still tried to come back, but more and more it faded, as did other stuff. Then I met a girl, inviting and challenging me back into relationship with life (I was a classical hermit searching for enlightenment before that). A period of facing a lot of fears happened. Now I'm pretty far into the process of recovery. Life is at is. Full of all the stuff it had before, but more at ease.

Finally I found John Sherman. (2013) What a wonderful voice of simplicity! Finally I am finding a way to talk about this, about what has happened, and maybe even guide others into the simple recognition of what we are.

I read the book, and more importantly watched the videos of the 2011 retreat on youtube. I feel the desire to share this with others, but don't know exactly how that will happen. It needs to sink in and naturally flow out. I'll see how that goes over time. There is no need to change anybody or anything, or let life develop faster as it does. Because change is happening. Everywhere, on every level. A wonderful time to be alive.

So I could not share the petition around, or even the act. I'm not sure why, I'll keep an eye on it and see. But it has given me the tools to speak with others when the discussion naturally arises. And that does happen occasionally.

I see two things when entering this community. Before I begin, let me say that reducing all spirituality to just this act is godsend. In all my spiritual pursuits and experiences, this single moment of looking inward and of recognition has changed 'my' life for ever. I know it is just that one act that has done it. A felt it before hearing of Sherman, and now that knowledge has become conscious. Thank you!

Yet, what bothers me is that the desire to bring the act to all human beings feels missionary or evangelizing, if you know what I mean. I am not sure how to deal with that. I see so many people coming to realization of being who they are, or just the falling away of fear, through so many different pursuits or divine accidents.. who am I to promote just one way? Then again, please reach ALL spiritual seekers!

The second thing that bothers me about this community at this moment, is that it is all about money. I'm sorry to say that. I love you, and see where you are coming from and I don't blame you. Money has been an issue in my life and the lives around me, and even society at large, these days. And again, I just don't know how to deal with that either. It just think it dilutes the purity of your singular message. You've got double motives, the motive for personal survival, and the motive of the healing of humanity.

I dream of a world where all beings, just by grace of being alive, are being fed and housed. But that is just dreaming for the moment. How do we deal with the now? The world is in crisis. Personal lives are in crisis. Our relationships with money are being challenged and changed on many levels. How do we navigate through this crisis?

Back to this community. I wish you could gain a steady income from other avenues, so that this task is freed of the need to generate income, and can be exactly what it is, grow organically, in its own way, time and speed, without the agenda to help you survive.

I hope we can bring some intelligent discussion to this issue of money. I think it is central to our times. Maybe not as central to the Looking, but still. At least it is to me, so help me out by giving your views on the matter

[A little background. I am without a job for 2,5 years now. Both recovering from a health disease and in the process of Recovery. My yearly income is about 13.000 euros, about 18.000 dollars. Because in my country, no matter how sick, old or dysfunctional you are, you always get a minimal allowance. I'm 34 by the way. I'm looking for ways to re-enter the working life, and slowly am. I want to live together with my girlfriend, and we are categorizing our options. Issues around money arise in this regard, but will resolve themselves in their own time.

With lots of love,


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