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Hi all!

Yesterday I listened to the podcast of the latest grassroots meeting. It was a very interesting meeting and I really recommend that everyone listens to it.

John talked about the importance of paying close attention to what is going on in the forums and how our common understanding is developing. He said that, by doing just that, we educate ourselves and with that learning it comes a great satisfaction that serves both ourselves and the communication with others about the looking.

And when he said that it struck me that that is precisely what is happening to me now. For some time now I have been following everything that is going on here. I read every forum posting, listens to every podcast and I keep up with the latest understanding of the work that is going on here. And I have even moved my blog here. It seems like the more I learn, the more things clear up for me and the easier it gets to talk to other about this process (like every other learning process). It gives so much in return.

And another thing that struck me was that I, until yesterday, have had the feeling that I need something more than I already have to work with and spread this act. But now it is absolutely clear to me that I have everything that is needed. I have access to this community and the websites. Here I learn and develop and that effects my choices in my life. And I even think I am starting to see that my life context seems to change and "take shape" along with my understanding of this process.

It is here we learn and develop. So if you, like me, have spent a lot of time thinking of what to do to be helpful and how to work with this method I can really recommend to instead use that time to keep up with the development here.

Happy learning.



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