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Spreading the word around

Hi, John and Carla, and all you guys, I thought I'd write and tell you about the way I spread the idea of looking around. Although this is my first write on the grass roots, I am trying very hard to spread the word around. I am a writer of songs and Poetry, and I have joined different poetry sites on which I send my Ballade style poetry around. Both myself and my wife have written articles for a site called poetry Soup. I have written very many poems and narratives about the looking and John and Carla's work. At first I was getting very few comments for these poems, although I did place in a few poetry contests with couple of these writes.

Now that I am becoming more popular on the site I have a few people actually take an interest in the looking. I am getting quite a few views for these poems now, which means people are actually reading about the looking. So who knows how many will either try it or come to this site. I notice that as I read the stuff that others put on the poetry site, that there are more unhappy people on the site than happy ones, so maybe they will get the message and do something about it.

So all you people who know how to write could do this too, they tell me that every little bit helps. I have also helped a couple of people through the looking. my cousin in England has Parkinson's disease, and the looking has been a lot of help to her, and my niece had bad troubles with fear and was under a shrink, she found the looking was very helpful too. I will do my best wherever I go to spread the word around. Anyhow this is all I want to say. I wish you all well. Peter

Dear Peter,

"‹Thank you very much for all that you're doing to let people know about this simple and effective solution to human psychological suffering.



Thanks Peter, I'm glad to see someone else had this idea as well.

I think if you've had any amount of success with the looking, then you should find a way to spread the word. You know what? I might try to write a novel about it one day. Humanity really isn't doing well as we know. At night I've been setting out free used books on the sidewalk near my house, to go with a short explanation of the looking written on a sticky note, with a link to the website. Four books have been picked it up so far, and one lady just took a picture with her iPhone. Luckily, I live in a religious area where people are open to this kind of stuff.

Yeah, I still have doubts, but there's a part of me that's certain about a full recovery.

Good luck to everyone,


Dear zinggy,

The idea of placing a sticky note with a short explanation of the looking in a free book is fantastic! Anyone else here is doing this? I donate used books to the free book stand in town, but it never occurred to me to do this. I will do the same from now on.

Thank you for the great suggestion!



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