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JOL - Practicalities: reaching a wider audience

Dear John & Carla

As a way of getting your message out to as many people as possible, twitter seems to be the communication of choice by many people across the world, especially the younger generation. Twitter is also designed for short/brief messages such as Just One Look. I agree with Mike from an earlier posting that the #occupy movement has captured the imagination of millions across the world. I feel that one way of rapidly expanding your audience is to utilise the interest and attention this movement has captured.

Hashtags such as #occupyyou, #occupyu, #occupyme, #occupyoneself, #occupyonesnature, and my favourite #occupyhere could all be used along with brief messages that you approve--such as something like:

Turn the beam of your attention inward. Try to make a direct, unmediated contact with what it actually feels like to be you, just plain and simple you. Just One Look plus a link to website, etc.

If you were to come up with half a dozen or so twitter messages, the community that have access to twitter could periodically send these out on these occupy hashtags. I believe these tweets will be shared further by the occupy followers as everything that is valued is re-tweeted.

Hope you are both well.

Thank you both for your work.


Dear Kevin,

Thank you very much for your suggestions regarding the use of Twitter to spread the information about the looking.

Have you seen our Twitter accounts?

@Just_OneLook has updates on the Just One Look experiment;

@LookAtYourself has daily quotes from meetings with John;

We use some hash tags already, such as #fearoflife, #looking, #lookatyourself, #justonelook.

We love the idea of adding variations of #occupy on our tweets. We are preparing now an initial list of maybe six of them that we're going to start using right away on tweets @Just_OneLook.

We also like the idea of adding the link to www.justonelook.org to the tweets. I have already started doing that.

We really appreciate your suggestions. If you have any more ideas regarding the use of social networks, please let us know.


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