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Money talk

I thought about John and Carla's request for donations, and I weighed that against what they said about never charging for anything. Then I thought about how the world runs on currency, and nothing gets done without it. And I considered how I don't work for free (I sell crochet patterns on Etsy), and how I expect a reasonable "return" for my efforts. Then I considered all I had gained from the messages of John's talks--podcasts, book, videos, web conferencing. And how all that costs currency and continuing effort from John and Carla. So then I assigned a real-world value in currency to what I received through joining the web conferences, downloading the book and downloading podcasts by comparing the value of these things to similar things that I have paid for in the past. Consequently, I will donate to John and Carla that dollar value. And I encourage anyone else who can to do the same. Thank you and I wish the blessings of a Happy Holiday to everyone!


Jenny, your words are inspiring to me. Your reasoning suggests that as community members we have the opportunity to support each other in a variety of ways. I see that John has created a new Conversations thread entitled "Practicalities." Let's expand this discussion!

Bill Corcoran


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