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What's next?

What I want to do is to work for promoting sanity by looking. I have started to put notes on billboards and such around where I live with a very short and simple message about how to look at oneself, and the link to the justonelook.org website. It's all I can think of to do right now. How do we proceed to liberate our mad world? I was at a retreat where stressed out people go to get well and was able to get the looking to a number of people there. People are ready to pay for some crazy stuff because they think that's what's needed to get well. A woman was saying how she was seeking extreme situations to get in touch with her inner self, and that's where I told her that I had been using a similar strategy before but now I just look at myself instead.

How about a slogan: Look at yourself - It's your birthright!

Something to put on a sticker, or something, with the Owl and the Website. Even better to squeeze in a simple instruction. I could put them all over my town.

I'm still around and wish love and gratitude to everyone here.

Good suggestions. Just curious, what do you gain by going on the retreat? Is it a social thing?


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