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Recovery and Rehabilitation

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Recognising algorithms

My life is completely changed since I started looking at myself a few years ago. In the last few years I have started doing the things that I know I really want to do. One of these things is joining the local choir which is linked with the local church. I love the Christian music but as an outsider in a Christian world (being born Jewish) Christmas Carols have been anguish because they thrilled and moved me but also conflicted me.

This morning listening to John I recognised controlling my attention by moving from the thoughts to my joy in singing is obviously a revelation of the nature of the algorithm. I feel so released from a life long conflict.

Thank you, John and Carla.



Lovely, Helen. I too experience many everyday moments where previously I would hold back from life. Conscious or unconscious fear creating varying degrees of paralysis. I spent a couple of days with my 5 year old grand-daughter in the country and it was so interesting to notice how my responses to events have changed. I feel so much more relaxed and willing to flow with whatever is happening.

She is relatively fear free and it is mind-blowing to watch her constantly creating, feeling, laughing. There were moments of conversation about nature and how humans are part of nature yet are destroying and hurting nature. She was baffled how this could come about. Whenever I see an opportunity I remind her to look at herself (child appropriate language like you are the same as you were younger) I see her reflecting on this. I see how important it is to keep putting this message out there, easy and a natural part of conversation with a five year old .

Today's meeting showed me something quite amazing. When John was leading Nancy to look at herself I did it too and discovered that everywhere I looked for myself, in sensation, thought, feeling the sense of my presence was there! I was in everything that is this conglomerate that lives me. I had set up an image that I was behind the deepest sense of myself but that too was just an algorithm. And there is so much ease in living this me trusting that what arises must be ok because it has arisen, wow!

Maureen I feel that just being with our grandchildren in this ease of being naturally confirms their trust in life.



Helen thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you are continuing to discover new things, it sounds like a fun adventure! I'm still in the beginning of my journey and I'm only now starting to feel what I believe to be the recovery kicking in with increasing force, which honestly is not exactly an attractive outlook. Your posting is so encouraging and uplifting, I'm very lucky to be here, thank you.

Yes, exactly!


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