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Recovery and Rehabilitation

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I Salute You John And Carla

I was thinking of you guys today and this poem flowed out of me. Thought it might promote, your site in some way....peter

I Salute you John, And Carla

Once when I was filled with fear

My nerves on edge my mind unclear

I tried myself to work it out

My mind it was so filled with doubt

Meditation I learned to do

Self help books and Gurus too

I sought to help me from this curse

But each new day it did get worse

I left my wife, and family

Lived like a bum, and I hid from me

Drank myself to misery

Smoked the drugs. They did not free

Me. They only made it worse

Each day I lived it was a curse

After a year I did go back

I swore no more I'd follow this track

I knew that I must cure myself

And bring my mind way back to health

I found a good man on the net

That wondrous day I'll not forget

He told me 'all you have to do

is close your eyes, and look at 'you'

I thought 'well this is kind of dumb!'

Yet to his words I did succumb

I tried the looking for a while

And as I did I learned to smile

I had learned to look within

I sailed through, that cursed din

It turned and fled away from me

The joy came in, and I was free

From all the nastiness, and strife

This man John Sherman changed my life

So now no worries pursue me

I sing all day, and dance with glee

My failing marriage I did change

I did my life then rearrange

Now wisdom it does fill me up

I've overflowed the loving cup

I thank John and his wife too

What they had told me, it was true

So anyone who reads these words

I hope within you something stirred

If you have fear, depression too

Or Anxiety, I'm telling you

Get in touch with John Sherman

The you may reach space I am

Your life will change I tell you this

You'll go from misery to bliss

A tribute to John, and Carla Sherman I salute the pair of them


Thank you, dear Peter, for the beautiful poem!


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