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I struggle to find words to explain how life feels at the moment. I do want to report it here though. I am experiencing life as vivid, wild. And by life, I mean undifferentiated life - this experience of wild aliveness is not distinguished by acts or circumstances that are high-energy or unusual. I mean that everything feels like life, alive. There is no need to smooth out the rough spots or eliminate the anxiety related to survival. And the juicy parts of life are just great - and the juice comes from just existing, as if I never noticed it before. I know this sounds like a bit of a hippy trip (!) I am describing, but in fact, it feels very ordinary. I've posted similar things before, and want to keep posting, but find that there really aren't words for it. The simplest way of saying it, is that after so much seeking, I can say I feel glad to be alive, and alive for all of it. The most clear thing I have seen recently is that it really, really isn't a spiritual thing. It is just plain, ordinary life with the fear (of life) taken away (fear and all other emotions continue, but they are like flavours of life rather than 'how life is'). And from the outside it all just goes on as usual. I am just very grateful! Thank you!!

Emma ~

What a beautiful description. I can relate to much of what you say. Even with the apparent insanity of life... it is so fresh and alive. It is so true that the juice comes from just being in it. Thank you for your update.


Gone is the separation between me and my life

gone is the separation between me and my life

I too search for words to express this amazing reconnection to my life and all the ways I notice this plays out in my daily life..but I want to try as John's words have been so helpful for me all these years and it's the looking that has worked. I sometimes listen to spiritual discourse on the net and feel the angst of people trying to get what the hell these 'teachers' are pointing to or describing (I've been there)..I feel like pushing a stop button and cutting to the chase "hey it's you" ! oh well I have to laugh but I realize how this simple suggestion could so uncomplicate these issues.

In the 70's the word "meditation' was still taboo so I'm sure with all our help the looking will be mainstream over time..

for me states of silence , peace, wonder, lightness are very accessible but without any big deal or grasping to stay there..just to enjoy...fear still arises , a familiar clutch in the gut of feeling at stake but it's seen as some old manifestation of this personality and doesn't deplete my energy like it used to. there seems to be a knowing this is life and it's all ok.

love Maureen

Thanks Paul, and my pleasure. Just spent today chasing the 6th swarm from my beehives - now that is divine madness!

Best wishes,

Emma ~


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