the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Using the Just One Look Method

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I notice that the fear of life manifests as a constant narrative of anxiety or desires, this narrative being the thoughts and resultant actions taken in their service. The looking has not taken this away, rather I can now switch between being in them and watching them. A choice, rather than being dragged along by the results of the fear of life. The watching comes more often, I am glad to say, though I believe John to be spot-on when he says the ability to direct our attention appears to be the one thing I can *do* in this process of recovery.

Best wishes to all,

Emma ~

Thanks Emma,

A few days ago I had a very subtle experience of watching the remnants of neurosis flow through. It brought about a brief insight that is impossible to describe, yet resonates with some of the spiritualized descriptions I have stored in my endless archives of superior understandings, in a scratch the surface of mars grain of sand on the beach kind of way. Kind of like feeling safe for the first time in my life a year and a half ago. I like to joke about having better luck trying to describe the color blue to a blind person, but I get what your saying and appreciate you taking the time to share it.



I notice that the energy I give to desires and fear is the way that I am controlled.These distractions misdirect energy and focus.Authentic understanding and knowledge about personal potential is limited by this control.Who or what has inserted this psychological fear matrix?I do not think that it is something that happens as a reaction.Humans could easily be over-joyed with noise and light (or pain for that matter)-why this reaction-whom is it ultimately benefitting?I think this attention exercise is about much more than directing attention but ultimately about clearly knowing what attention is.


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