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The simplicity of life

Dear John and Carla,

I feel a deep gratefulness for what you are contributing to the world at large and for me. A friend of me introduced me to this work some years ago. We where sitting on the ferry from Pireus Athens to our beloved island Paros when my friend urged me to listen to one of your podcast. Your words of "Just one look" felt very liberating after being working hard on myself for so many years in Osho commune Poona India and going with other enlightened masters and gurus in India and in Norway. I still feel a deep love and gratefulness for Osho and his work and are still listening to him from time to time. But the act of just look at me takes it all. Maybe that also was Osho's message but it was wrapped into so many multidimensional approaches.

Now in daily life I feel more and more relaxed and in tune with whatever is happening. When unrest and hangups on negative thoughts appears it feels more easy to move consciously to something else.

Again thank you and I wish you a happy new year!

Love from Dag Ojas.

Hi there..

Thanks for sharing Really nice to read about your time with Osho. Since this is first person I meet in this venue with this experience. I lived close to Osho and the commune in Oregon and Pune for many years. So much love and connection between friends.

I like what you say "the looking at me takes it all." This it how it is for me too. Sometimes I think if Osho had just said that experience of 'silence' we experience in meditation is 'you' it would have been so effective. Well maybe he did but I just didn't hear that. Anyway it's all good. When John said it his words hit home.

Love, Maureen (Rani).


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