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looking to help

I know this posting is not specifically about the looking, however in a way it is. As most of us know John and Carla live on a shoestring and depend on us for the financial support to keep the work out there and develop means to support us and share the work with the world. This is their purpose in life. After just facing another crisis and requesting our assistance, they are still minimally making it. Now an unforeseen problem has arisen....their van which has been the vehicle they move sound equipment etc. to meetings locally and depend on for all transportation has broken down. It is in need of $3000, in repairs to get up and running. I know they do not have the money for this and are struggling to figure out what to do. I doubt they would ask the community for more help after just doing that to keep everything else going, so I am asking for them. If you can help in anyway please look into your heart and consider who they are and what they are up to and help them out. I kiddingly mentioned to them last week when the power ball was $600,000.000 that if I won their troubles would be over. We all laughed, and I secretly prayed. Some of us are fortunate enough to have a financial situation that allows us to make a contribution like what is needed, and some of us could use the deduction for taxes. If you can't help, thank you for reading this and consider creative possibilities that could provide a way to address this financial reality. John is very committed to not be commercial, and yet he realizes that money is a fact of life in the world so he asks for donations.

If you can help please act now by contacting John or donating using the buttons on the site. Or, go here for more information: http://www.riverganga.org/go/easydonate

Thank you for being part of this community and what it offers humanity.


Dr. David Parrish

Thank you

Dear David,

Thanks so much for letting us know about this. I've been in that position before and it's not a fun feeling. I just made a donation and appreciate the opportunity to help.

I wish I was in a financial position to be able to just solve this problem for John and Carla, but I guess, in a way, that's the beauty of a community. We can each do our part (whatever we can do)... and if all else fails, there's always the promise of Powerball! ;-)




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