the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Email re your new revised article, "Fear of Life"

Hi John and Carla -

Just read the article, it is wonderful! Kind of humorous too (I love “there is no step 3”). There is so much succinct fantastic definitive instruction where/how to look, I just broke out laughing.

Just recently I went through a[nother] dog-chasing-its-tail period of knee-jerk struggling/efforting/trying not to struggle/effort, ad nauseam. Then it finally broke, to just be with the sense of “me” that’s there before any effort - the “place” that doesn’t come and go, and it was/is a relief. The problem, as you say, is that it is so mundane, so ubiquitous, who’d have thought of looking there? I was looking for something INCREDIBLE, not mundane!

And the weird thing is that by turning my attention there (and yes, I CAN turn my attention there, and is an “effort” that doesn’t cause irritation – just noticing what’s already the case) is that if I don’t assume “oh that again, I already know that”, the mundane becomes really special. I read recently to say “investigate” this sense of you is a dry way of putting it, it’s more kissing it, loving and valuing it.

Anyway, THANK YOU very much. I’ve been forwarding your article to friends.




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