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The Looking: A Reflection of Gratitude


When I spoke with you today, I put down my notes and just spoke from the heart. Let's see if I can remember some of what I said.

I came across the looking in 2006... this was five years after a very quick meeting I had with John and Carla in 2001. At this point, I was steeped in the spiritual lifestyle. I was immediately taken by the simplicity and practicality of the looking. At last, there was something I could actually do.

Fortunately, I was able to grasp what John was speaking about and was pretty successful in attempting it. I would say that my one obstacle was an internal pressure, a physical sensation. With patience, I moved past this and began to quickly touch the reality of me. The most helpful of the pointers for me was and is "I am here. I am always here".

My life has changed in many ways during the course of recovery. I still have challenges, they are always there. I get frustrated and overwhelmed but, these states pass rather quickly. I am less superstitious about these states and moods. These days, I am very happy and content with my life. I love sitting with my partner and watching TV. I love walking my dogs, listening to music, doing the work that I do. I no longer require big ecstatic experiences. I am so happy with my life just as it is.

My advice to people just beginning the looking would be to be as patient with the process as possible. it is not a quick fix but it is a real fix. Also, it is good to focus only on this for a while. Set the spiritual teachings down for a while, they can always be picked back up again, with a much different perspective. Give yourself the space to experience this work unencumbered by other things.

So, there you have it. Thanks to you both for asking me to participate.




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