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Meet a fellow Looker in Florida?

Was just wondering if you guys think it's a good idea to meet a fellow Looker, so that maybe something (more) might rub off, or maybe we might find a better way, or something to that effect. I'm in the state of Florida. I'm up for it, if you are. And only if you think it will be beneficial. I know many are suffering here, and for those, that might not be the best idea just yet. I'm a calm and collected guy, yet unemployed, with high functioning autism (undectectable in public).

If any of you wonderful people live in Florida and want to meet up (on the cheap, sorry, don't have money coming in right now), please let me know. You can message me on this site. Laters for now.

Happy Day All.

By the vote of no-confidence on this thread, I'd say probably it was a not-so-great idea.

Peace out folks and talk to you'ze laters.

I'd just like to say, if I was nearby I would be more than happy to come and meet you to discuss this stuff. I'm in the UK though so it's a bit tricky :D It's quite isolating doing this looking alone so i understand you calling out on here. Hope things aren't to painful for you at the moment.


I would have liked to meet you, but I live in Europe.

Thanks George, and Cytex. Good heart-warming responses.

Stop by next time in Stockholm! You are welcome in my home : )

There are homeless people in my neighborhood, who are richer than me, so that seems unlikely at this time. Thanks for the invite though smily

I have been around the world in my youth, and college years, Argentina, Brazil, France, Japan, almost every state in the USA, even Alaska, which is an interesting place.

Funny coincidence about "stockholm". I've been thinking lately about how much this "civilization" we live in (i mean money racket, b/c we're not even close to civilized yet) depends on the infamous and ubiquitous "stockholm syndrome", where people are literally imprisoned and forced to love their dominators and captors.

Being worked to death for little pay by faceless and uncaring corporations is but one facet of this species-wide stockholm syndrome. And people accept this. Really, they do.

And it literally blows my mind every time I talk to somebody and realize what they're saying to me. I won't go into the Police State we live under (govt side of this stockholm syndrome), and how so many rednecks and other stupid Americans are just "balls out" supporters of the current system. I'll spare you anymore politics. I know most people that come here are just looking to feel well, feel better, and find some kind of transcendence and peace in this life that they have here, now.


Who's to blame?


Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to have a chat over Skype or similar instead. In fact, this is an open invitation for anybody to do just that! We can talk about the looking or just about anything really. I would very much like that : )

Read it a second time. Thanks. I understand it intellectually, but emotionally, spiritually, etc. Im just not there yet. If ever. Oppression and greed is a tough one to forgive or get over.


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