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Falling out of the mind and into the heart.

Those are the first words that came to me to describe what is recently, over the past few days, been happening. This has been happening over the past three years or so and in this time frame I noticed a slowly emerging baseline of happiness. During this time I was not doing Advaita... yet involved in intense devotional mystical Christian practices. So back to the last few days... where for some reason I have been listening to John's podcasts (almost 30) from 2005-7 that were stored on my ipod. So...something appears to be taking root as I really apply the pointers and RECOGNITION appears to be happening... I know this cause Life... appears now so, so vivid... and so undeeniably clear and real.(no more fog!)... there is more space between my thoughts, there appears to be fewer of them...and If this I appears to be stuck a bit or attached to a thought or feeling... I can relatively easily and quickly move back into the living presence which now appears to be more "me" than the old thought-feeling ridden "me". There also appears to be less juicy love states now... instead this Prsesence I would describe as blank, pristine, vast... and still a tad uncomfortable... I think cause there are just no familiar reference points. I am so happy and pleased and relieved with all of these recent developments. I use the noun "I" cause it is convenient... but if I am really honest... there just aint no jim no mo! Now... there do appear to be fragments and vestiges... but they dissolve as soon as they are discovered as more Persence reveals itself. I am so blessed to be semi homeless and have tons of time to hang out in hotel lobbies and do these practices or rather let these practices and Presence "do" me... do me in. Ha ha. I am so pleased... as Jim was a seeker for 40+ years involved in so much spiritual seeking for so, so long... Now... no seeking... just a subtle allowing (thankfully no more dramatic jump starts) of this all pervasive Presence. So... thank you John... I hope to be able to speak with you or meet you... I thank you for your loving Presence and your huge gift of clarity and insight that you share with all of us. Love and many blessings, Jim Keller from Sedona, Arizona


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