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Ok, maybe not completely true

After I wrote about this kind of depressed feeling I watched it more carefully to see if it really was true that that is how I feel most of the time. And a few hours later, maybe less, I felt completely different, like nothing was missing at all, everything was just fine. I thought that there really must be something missing, not something to get rid of, because I felt the way I felt, but when that feeling state was gone, so was that sense. So, I am not too reliable. I have no perspective, I think whatever I feel for the moment is true.

I still feel that way pretty often. I want to say most of the time, to some degree, but I am not sure about that. And then I get convinced that something is wrong and something is missing. This feeling has been so strong and I get so easily into it, so maybe it is not strange that it is taking some time for me to change my ways.


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